Renee Rogers

Digital Guru for Q4 is Renee Rogers from Sandusky with $35,647 in digital revenue for the quarter.  Congratulations Renee!

Shout out Justin Wilcox and new ad director Manuel Zepeda on their joint effort to win the Quarterly Top Sales Manager Award.  Johnson City achieved 19.1% growth quarter-over-quarter.  Norwalk finished second with 13.8% growth and Sandusky was right behind with 13.4% for the same period.

With a per-quarter average of $23,658 per sales rep, Sandusky becomes the top newspaper for the quarter and will receive the coveted “Top Newspaper” traveling trophy.  Pizza and drinks will be taken care of for the team during a lunch celebration.  Honorable mentions goes to Norwalk with $20,380 per rep and Ogden with $20,307 per rep for the quarter.

Congratulations all!

Manuel Zepeda